Friday, November 18, 2011

Aquarium Sump Assembly- Part 2

I made some progress on my 55 gallon tank setup!  Now I'm pretty much just waiting on a few more parts and waiting for the silicone to cure before I can set it up.

Here I'm siliconing the acrylic parts into the sump.  I used some books and rolls of tape I had laying around to support the pieces while they dried.

This is how I attached the UV sterilizer to the tank.  I used two PVC pipe hooks, and attached them to the back of the stand.  The UV fits perfectly.

Here's a zoomed-out view.

Then I attached the hoses.  I couldn't quite finish this part because I still need a check valve, which is coming in the mail.

This is where the drain hose meets the sump.  I used PVC glue to attach the PVC to the bulkhead, and then clamped the hose onto the PVC elbow.

And here's a view from the front with the doors open.

I can just imagine the fish asking me...

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