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Wood Goldfish Carving

My husband gifted me with an awesome wood carving of a panda butterfly telescope.  Butterflies are my favorite type of goldfish, and since I can’t get any more live fish for the time being, this is the perfect gift!  The carving is from the Tung Hoi Aquarium Company in China.  They’re are one of the largest goldfish farms in China, and they also make wood carvings of many different goldfish varieties

Here are some photos of mine:

 It came with a cool box!

Here it is in my new display case.

A Very Merry Fishmas to You!

Something I found amusing recently is that almost all the items on my wish list for family are fish-related things!  My list includes auto-feeders, feeding rings, Saki-Hikari pellet food, digital thermometers, and other various fish things.  So who are these gifts for really I ask you… myself or the fish?!

Everything is going well with my fish, and I haven’t made any changes to the tanks recently, so I don’t have much of interest to report I’m afraid.  The two new broadtails are doing well, and they’re starting to really settle in to their new home.  The fish in the other tank are doing well too.  I keep checking all the auction and fish sale websites like I often do, even though I know I can’t get any new fish for quite a while.  My husband is being transferred to another state for work, so in the near future we’ll have to make a cross country move with all of our pets, furniture, and other stuff.  Moving the fish is going to be quite complicated, and I’m not sure if I’ll even be able to bring all of them.  So of course getting more fish right now is totally out of the question!  It doesn’t keep me from looking though, just the same.

In other news, my YouTube channel has now reached over 200 subscribers!  A big thanks to everyone who subscribes to my channel and/or comments on my videos.  I really enjoy reading and responding to your comments, so keep them coming!  If you haven’t seen my channel and would like to check it out, here’s a link.
YouTube: Solid Gold

Goldfish Salvation

Vimeo: Goldfish Salvation

The ICN has a new art show called “Goldfish Salvation” featuring work from artist Riusuke Fukahori.  You really must watch the video linked to above, it’s amazing to see the way he makes these!  Below are some still images.

Here’s an article about the artist and the exhibit:
Goldfish Salvation Show

Photos from the 75g Tank

Today I took some photos of the fish in my 75 gallon tank; here are a few highlights…

This is Nixie, a small orange butterfly telescope.  She is quickly becoming one of my favorites.

Alastor “Mad Eye” Moody, a large calico butterfly telescope.  This guy is a powerful swimmer.

This is Babydoll, a small black butterfly telescope.  She’s hard to get a good photo of.  I learned that it’s best to wait until she swims in front of the bright quartz rock to take a photo so you can actually see her!

And here are Saphira and Clover.  Saphira is a sakura fantail and Clover is a red and white ryukin/fantail.

A fun group photo of three fish!  Plus, Babydoll is hiding in the background. Can you spot her?

Right now this tank is home to five fish.  The tank is a 75 gallon tank with a wet/dry filter that holds another 10 gallons of water, so technically I could have more fish in here if I chose to.  But I’ve been really keen on the “less is more” approach lately and I’m trying to keep all my tanks understocked.  I’ve also always favored minimal decor; as you can see the tank is bare-bottom and only has two large quartz rocks as decoration.  I like to keep the tanks simple and elegant so the fish are the main focal point.

Less is more!

Goldfish Teeth

Wait, goldfish have teeth?  Why yes, they do!  Their teeth are called pharyngeal (far-in-jee-uhl) teeth because they’re located at the very back of the mouth, in the pharynx.  These teeth are not sharp, but rather are blunt, and are used for crushing and grinding food material.  Goldfish are continually losing and regrowing their teeth, similar to a shark.  At the base of each mature tooth, there is a small developing tooth.  When the old tooth falls out, the developing tooth is ready to take its place.  Losing their teeth does not hurt them and the fish typically spit out the detached teeth from their mouths.  If you’re in the right place at the right time, you could actually witness your fish spit out its tooth! 

Don’t worry, the teeth are far back enough that there’s no risk of you being bitten by an inquisitive fish!  It’s easy to find these teeth on the floor of your tank if you don’t use a substrate.  I have collected many of them over the past few years, leading my friends and family to conclude that I’m absolutely nuts!  And maybe I am… 🙂

I keep my collection in this little tooth case.  What would the dentist think!

Here’s a photo of the teeth in my hand to show their small size.

Want to see more?  Here’s a video!

So there you have it, goldfish teeth!

Goldfish Lullaby

Here’s a relaxing video of my 55 gallon tank at night with just a dim light on.  It’s just too bad that in real life the tank is not this relaxing.  The overflow box is making a loud gurgling noise that I still have to fix! 

These two little trouble-makers already figured out that it’s fun to dig in the planter and uproot the plants.  So I added some river stones on top of the gravel to weigh it all down a bit, and they haven’t uprooted anything since.  *crosses fingers*