Monthly Archives: January 2012

Goldfish Zen

A few posts back, I made a post about my new glass planter that I got from Ikea.  I filled it with some gravel and put a bunch of anubias plants in there, and it looked pretty cool at first.  Well the plants hadn’t been doing that great to begin with, but I was hoping that maybe they would grow back and fill out a bit over time.  No such luck!  I think they were past the point of no return, because slowly but surely, they kept deteriorating.  I never have much luck with aquatic plants.  So I decided to take the planter out and instead use my giant bamboo plant for a while instead.  This plant is fake, so there are no worries about it dying or falling apart and getting debris everywhere. 

I love this plant, but it tends to trap a lot of gunk and when I tried it in my butterfly tank, the fish sometimes got wedged into it since they were so clumsy and the plant is so large.  So I put it in my fish stuff storage and didn’t think about it for quite a while.  But I think it should work well in this tank.  There are only two fish in here, so even with this large plant in the tank, they still have plenty of space to swim.  And the broadtails are a little less clumsy than the butterflies I have had, so hopefully they won’t manage to wedge themselves into the plant!  As soon as I put the plant in, both the fish were very curious about it and they kept trying to eat it.  Even still they haven’t figured out that it is not, in fact, edible.  So cute.  😛

In this photo you can see my new digital thermometer!  It’s really accurate and blends in well.  I just need to move it to the left side of the tank now so the white suction cup is hidden by the plant. 

Here’s a video as well.