My Vet Switches from Fish Bowl to Tank

When I brought my puppy to the vet about a month ago, I noticed a little fantail goldfish in a 1 gallon bowl on the reception desk.  I didn’t say anything to them at the time because my puppy was being difficult and I was too preoccupied.  But since I was a new client, they sent me an online survey to fill out later.  Perfect opportunity!  At the end there was a comments section, so I briefly explained why goldfish shouldn’t be kept in a bowl.  I included links to this blog and my YouTube channel for more information, and I also offered to help them if they decided to upgrade to a tank.
Well to my surprise, they actually did take my advice and even took me up on my offer to help!  They called me and asked lots of questions about setting up the tank, and today I went over there to help them out.  I brought some cycled media from my established tank, an extra air pump I had, and a sample of Saki-Hikari goldfish food for them.  They were so appreciative and a couple staff members even mentioned the possibility of setting up aquariums in their homes too!  I’m really happy that now all their clients will see an example of a properly cared for goldfish when they visit the office!  🙂  This also lets me know that this vet office is a great one, since they so clearly care a great deal about all pets, even fish!  Here is their website: North Shore Veterinary Hospital

Here is their fish, Betsy, in her brand new spacious home!  She was so cute and active, happily swimming laps in her new tank!

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  1. Candice Rogers

    That is awesome; so glad you were able to educate them and give the fish a better life!


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