Monday, November 26, 2012

New Fish on the Way

I'm excited to announce that I have two new fish on the way!  They are butterfly telescopes; one is all-white and the other is red and white.

I have wanted an all-white butterfly telescope ever since I first started keeping goldfish a few years ago.  I bought one from Rain Garden in 2010, but unfortunately I was still very much a newbie to goldfish-keeping, and I lost her due to my stupid beginner mistakes.  Then in 2011 I bought three small butterflies (one of which was all-white) from a seller on the Goldfish Keepers Forum.  Sadly, the shipping service made a mistake and the package took longer to arrive than it should have.  As a result, the white butterfly and one other butterfly were already dead upon arrival.  It was the first (and so far, only) time I've ever had fish arrive dead, and it was really awful.  So all this time I've been keeping my eyes peeled for white butterfly telescopes, but I couldn't find many offered for sale, and when I did, they were not quite the quality I was looking for. 

It was just a happy accident that I happened upon this white butterfly.  I contacted a seller on aquabid about some red/white butterfly telescopes he had listed online, and I ended up discovering that he had a white butterfly available too that wasn't listed!  So I bought the white butterfly and one of the red/white butterflies.

This is super exciting because; 1) it's the first time I've gotten new fish in over a year, 2) I will finally have butterfly telescopes again, and 3) I'm finally getting my coveted white butterfly telescope!  I love my ryukins of course, but butterfly telescopes have always been my favorite type of goldfish and I was looking forward to the day that I would have some again.  Hopefully shipping will go as planned and they will arrive in good condition.  I'm tracking them online and right now they're in a sort facility in New Jersey, and expected arrival is sometime on Wednesday.  Until then, I'll be preparing their quarantine tank and waiting in anticipation!