Saturday, January 26, 2013

Playing Favorites

Playing favorites... are you guilty of it?  I am!  So you guys know I wanted a white butterfly telescope for a long time, and my little Luca does not disappoint!  It's not even the fact that he's a white butterfly that makes him my favorite, there is just something extra special about this fish.  Maybe it's his cute derpy face, or the way he so earnestly and trustingly follows my hand around the tank, or how excited he gets about food yet how long it takes him to find it when it's right in front of his face.  These are all qualities that some of my other fish posses too, but still, Luca is extra special for some reason.  So without further ado... Luca picspam!

Making cute faces in the quarantine tub.

First day in the big tank.

Just a couple weeks later, and he had already filled out a lot.

Following "big brother" Clover around.

Pretending to be an alien on the moon.


My favorite photo.

Glamour shots by Deb.
Yum, gel food rock!
Hey, where'd it all go?!

And what blog post would be complete without a video? Here's a compilation of some of my favorite Luca clips.


  1. What a cutie, I just love telescope eyes.

  2. awesomeness, although i really don't really like favorites. It makes me feel like the other fish feel like they don't deserve to live, which they do. Sooooooo, that's why i don't like favorites. I admit some of my fish have some extra features than the others, but over time i have realized that Every fish on this world is special in every way