Repashy Gel Food Fed on a Rock

I first saw this idea on Ted’s Fishroom, and immediately knew that sooner or later, I wanted to try it out for my goldfish!  I thought it would be especially neat, since the ancestor of the goldfish is a river-dwelling carp that feeds mainly on algae from the river bottom.  In a way, this sort of simulates their natural feeding habits.  So tonight I whipped up a small batch of Repashy Soilent Green and slathered it all over a rock I found in my miscellaneous fish stuff bin.  Here’s a little video walk-through of how this is done.

The minute the rock hit the water, the fish went crazy; zooming all around looking for the food.  They had never been fed in this way before, so it took quite a while for them the figure it out!  Callisto was the first to get a bite (or three) from the Repashy rock, but I think that was just luck.  After the first few bites, she couldn’t figure out how to do it again.  The next one was Felix, which surprised me.  I was starting to think he was not too bright since it took him so long to learn hand-feeding.  Then finally Luca figured it out, but only after I helped him.  He follows my hands now because he associates them with feeding time, so I just led him to the Repashy rock with my hand!  And poor Clover never figured it out.  He kept swimming close to the rock and looking at it suspiciously.  But I guess his suspicion got the best of him, and he just ate up the leftovers bits that the other fish knocked loose.  Maybe next time he’ll get the hang of it.

I didn’t let them eat all the Repashy, because it was way too much for one feeding.  After letting them graze for a little while, I wrapped up the rock in cellophane and put it in the fridge.  Which made my husband laugh about the silliness of keeping a green paste-covered rock in the fridge!  The things we do for our fish, right?! 

This photo just about sums it up.  The two little piggies Luca and Felix are hoarding the Repashy to themselves, while Clover searches the tank bottom for leftovers!

And I just love this photo of Luca.  You can see how his derpy little eyes point slightly in different directions! 

And lastly, here’s a video of the experience!

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