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I just want to let you all know that you should sign up formembership with the AGA if you can!  Yearly dues are only $15, and thatmoney goes toward their online publication (which you will receive as amember), promoting all breeds of goldfish here in the US, and putting on goldfish shows across the US.  This is my first year as a member, so Idon’t know much about it myself yet.  But I do know that it helps topromote the hobby of goldfish keeping in the US, and of course that’ssomething we all support!

The AGA is providing their first new newsletter complimentary!  Here’s a link to the PDF.  February Newsletter

All you need to do is download this form, fill it out, and send it and your $15 check to the address at the bottom of the form.
Membership Application Form

From my understanding, the AGA has been at a bit of a stand-still up untilnow, and they are now really trying to revive it and make it somethinggreat again.  First, by starting up the online newsletters again, andalso by revamping their website.  The newsletters are packed with tonsof beautiful goldfish photos, articles about breeding and keepinggoldfish, and goldfish keeping tips.

Here’s the AGA’s website:

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