Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Look How Much We've Grown!

I've had Luca and Felix for 6 months now, and they've grown so much!  It's been interesting to watch their changes over time.  At first Luca weighed more than Felix, but now Felix weighs more than Luca.  They're still equal to one-another in length though.  I've also noticed recently how much their eyes have been growing.  Felix even has slightly uneven eyes right now because he's in a growth spurt.  It's normal for telescope eyes to sometimes grow unequally as they mature and develop, but they usually even out again.  Looking forward to another good 6 months!  

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Laguna 60 Gallon Tub Before & After

Only a fellow goldfish keeper could understand being so excited about a big old plastic tub, but last week I scored a Laguna 60 gallon basin for only $17 from my local fish store!  It was used and pretty grimy, so it needed some cleaning.  Luckily, we finally had a nice sunny day over the weekend, so I spent a good chunk of time cleaning it up.

Before... ew I'm not gonna put my fish in that! 

Easy DIY Spawning Mops

When goldfish breed, the male fish drives the female into soft plants so that when the eggs are laid, they get stuck in the plants and they can develop safely.  Rather than using live plants all the time, many breeders simulate plants by making what are called spawning mops.  These are handy because they can be easily removed to a fry grow-out tank when spawning is finished, and they can be sterilized after use, unlike live plants.  This guide will show you a cheap and easy way to make your own spawning mops.

You'll need some acrylic yarn in any color you'd like.  But just keep in mind two things; first, eggs will be much easier to see on a darker color, and second, some people think that fish breed more readily on green yarn since it looks like real plants.  You'll also need scissors, tape, some cork bottle stoppers, and a hardcover book.  The book should be almost as tall as the aquarium you're going to use the mops in.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Goldfish Skeleton

I just got this goldfish skeleton display in the mail today!  It's super interesting to see up close what the real skeletal structure of a goldfish looks like.  This is a common goldfish, so a typical fancy goldfish would probably look quite a bit different.  It would be awesome to have a fancy goldfish skeleton to display next to this one to illustrate their differences.   

Right side.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Photo Update

After a nice 95% water change last night, I took some photos of the fishies!  Here's the 75 gallon tank (85 gallon capacity with sump).