Saturday, June 8, 2013

Goldfish Skeleton

I just got this goldfish skeleton display in the mail today!  It's super interesting to see up close what the real skeletal structure of a goldfish looks like.  This is a common goldfish, so a typical fancy goldfish would probably look quite a bit different.  It would be awesome to have a fancy goldfish skeleton to display next to this one to illustrate their differences.   

Right side.

Left side.  The operculum is removed on this side to show the gill structure.

The projections in front of the gill filaments are "gill rakers" that protect the gills.

Anal fin.  You can see the leading ray has little projections on it.

The dorsal fin also has projections on the leading ray (no, not breeding stars!)

Caudal fin.

Its face!  Even as a lifeless skeleton, goldfish still have such personality.

Top view.

The details are so interesting.

I browsed around for where to find this at the cheapest price, and a website called Gorilla Scientific seemed to be the best deal.  The shipping was super fast too; I'm really happy with the purchase.  So if you want one of your own, I'm happy to recommend them.  Here's the link!

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