Look How Much We’ve Grown!

I’ve had Luca and Felix for 6 months now, and they’ve grown so much!  It’s been interesting to watch their changes over time.  At first Luca weighed more than Felix, but now Felix weighs more than Luca.  They’re still equal to one-another in length though.  I’ve also noticed recently how much their eyes have been growing.  Felix even has slightly uneven eyes right now because he’s in a growth spurt.  It’s normal for telescope eyes to sometimes grow unequally as they mature and develop, but they usually even out again.  Looking forward to another good 6 months!  

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One thought on “Look How Much We’ve Grown!

  1. diginex vian

    It’s been for weeks as of now, I’ve been quite researching and visiting your website for Goldfish keeping. On basis of watching your videos, Just want to start a question that I found really important for a goldfish tank

    Is it necessary or how important for having plants of any kind inside a Goldfish tank ? I know it’s always perfect to have some flora inside the tank, But there are people, mostly starters like me that find plant’s require little more maintenance if they’re overgrown or the period of growing.

    How healthy will be the fancy goldfish to sustain inside a tank without plants and also how it will be beneficial to have plant inside the tank ?


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