Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ghosts at 8 Months Old

Yesterday I took some time to get nice photos of the "ghosts" (aka matte white bristols) and I also got their weights and lengths for my records.  They're about 8 months old right now, so they should be doing a lot of growing yet!  Everyone is still recovering very well from shipping and starting to become a little less skittish, and I've started feeding Saki-Hikari pellets a few times a day using an auto-feeder.

Wraith and Specter

Group photo with Specter in front.

Group photo... Specter makes the best faces!




Wraith and Haunt... the biggest and the smallest.

Group photo with Wraith looking cute!


Specter closeup.

Specter closeup.


Poltergeist looking cute!

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  1. they look nice! i like the last picture with Poltergeist c: the names you picked for them are perfect

    oh and here, i have something for you...

    ..... _ ../..)
    ..(ou o )..\
    ..(/.....\) \..)
    its a goldfish .3.