Monday, August 26, 2013

Ghosts | The Pinky Bristols are Here!

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Following up on this post from last week, my pinky bristol shubunkins are finally here!  And due to an unfortunate miscommunication, the fish were shipped to my old address, which is 3.5 hours away!  D:  So on Saturday I drove all day long, through Minnesota State Fair traffic and 95+ degree weather, just to get them to my house safely.  Not exactly how I wanted to spend my Saturday, but I'm just glad to have them here now and alive. 
The biggest one was in bad shape at first and I really thought she wouldn't make it.  She kept laying on her side on the bottom and breathing heavily with gills flared.  But after only a few hours of being in my tank, she started to improve, and now she is doing really well.  I'm surprised how quickly they bounced back from the experience, especially compared to the butterfly telescopes I usually get in the mail.  Although they're really skittish, I've already been able to observe a little bit about their personalities and choose names for them.  So... meet the ghosts!

Wraith (largest)
Wraith had the roughest time in shipping and has a tear in her dorsal fin, which should heal quickly. 

Specter (2nd largest)
Specter is the most inquisitive and curious one.  He was the first to start sifting through the sand and pecking at the fake plant.

Poltergeist (2nd smallest)
Poltergeist is a trouble-maker; he kept nipping at Wraith when she was trying to recover from shipping, so I had to put him in a colander for a little while.  He's leaving her alone now that she has recovered, but I'm keeping an eye on him...

Haunt (smallest)
Haunt is a little more independent than the other fish.  And for such a tiny thing, he sure is strong.

Left to right: Wraith, Haunt, Specter, and Poltergeist.

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