Saturday, September 28, 2013

Goldfish Updates

I thought I'd make a quick blog post to bring everyone up to speed on all my fish!

A few weeks ago I moved Luca and Felix into the 60 gallon tub in my fish room and they're doing great in there.  I think they've grown since I last weighed them, which was not even that long ago.  I needed to separate Luca and Felix from Clover because they need more food than he can handle, and there was just no practical way to have them on different feeding schedules in the same tank.  So they have an auto feeder set up to feed three meals a day with Saki-Hikari (purple bag).  I really think they enjoy having more horizontal swimming room as opposed to the predominantly vertical swimming room most standard aquariums allow for. 

So that means Clover is all alone in the 55 gallon tank with the three nerite snails.  It seems his flipover issues are making a comeback.  I noticed a few months ago he would flip over after eating pellet food.  It was the same food he had been eating all his life, but I guess as he got older it become harder on his digestive system.  So I switched him to only Repashy gel food, which cleared up the issue perfectly.  But now, a few months later, he is flipping over again even though he's only eating gel food.  So I've cut back his feedings, but now I'm worried he's underfed.  Unfortunately it looks like he's going down the same road that Callisto did.  Clover is about 4 years old right now, which can be considered somewhat old for a fancy goldfish.  The issue is not to the point yet where it's debilitating, so I'm just going to try to maintain his health as best I can and explore other options for fixing the problem. 

The "ghost" bristols are doing well.  After Specter died, I decided the remaining three looked like they were showing similar signs of illness, so I've been treating them with antibiotics.  They have improved, but it's hard to tell if the issue is totally cleared up because they're small and they move so incredibly fast!  They're still quite skittish as well, so I think they probably had very minimal human contact before I got them.  But they are growing by leaps and bounds, and Poltergeist has even developed brand new breeding stars!  I'm hoping either Wraith or Haunt are female then, because I'd like to breed them.  

And lastly, I have some exciting news about new butterflies coming my way soon!  I'll be getting a shipment of Dandy Orandas butterflies within the next couple of weeks here.  Finally!  I've been waiting for ages to get some nice red/white butterflies so I can start breeding them in my fish room, so I'm very excited.  That's all I'm going to say for now because I don't want to jinx anything for this shipment of fish!  More news will be coming soon. 


  1. Nice to hear an update on your fish. Sorry to hear about Clover having some issues though. If anyone can bring him back to health it's you though. ;) Can't wait to see the new goldies when they get in.

  2. Awesome to hear!! Cant wait to see your beautifull butterflies ! I'm getting one myself tomorrow !

  3. Great update! I look forward to seeing the new butterflies. I'm cheering you on for the butterfly breeding project. I will def be waiting for one :)

  4. aww poor clover I hope everything works out. totally cool new fish!!! lol cant wait to see photos of them glad everything else is going well.