The Ghost Bristols Are Spawning!

Over the past month the two biggest ghost bristols (Wraith and Poltergeist) developed breeding stars, so I figured they were both males.  I was counting on the smallest one then, (Haunt) to be female so I could breed them.  But today I got a surprise!  Poltergeist was chasing Wraith around like he was trying to spawn with her(?!).

Video Link:

I noticed him driving her into the fake plants that I’m using for my Halloween tank decor, but those plants are a little stiff and scratchy, so I threw in some spawning mops instead.  And they spent the next couple of hours swimming and squirming all throughout those spawning mops as if their lives depended on it!  What resulted were tons of tiny little goldfish eggs stuck all over the Halloween decorations, the tank sides and floor, and of course in the spawning mops.  I took out the spawning mops and put them in a hatching tub, so I’m crossing my fingers that the eggs are fertilized and I’ll have little baby fish in a couple of days.  Soon, if they are fertilized, I should be able to see little eye spots inside the eggs.  I still don’t know whether Haunt is male or female, because he/she did not participate at all in the spawning, except to help clean up the stray eggs.  

Now I just need the butterflies to spawn too!  I’ve noticed the big red/white male chasing the big red/white female around casually every now-and-then, so maybe they will spawn soon.  The little panda male has done some chasing too.

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One thought on “The Ghost Bristols Are Spawning!

  1. Mercedes Lindberg

    Hey, Jennie!
    I am from Finland and I really like your blog and your youtube channel. ๐Ÿ™‚ But can you put a translator in your blog? ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Gabrielle Hodges

    Hi Jennie! I love your blog and your fish photos and videos. I was just wondering how your pinky ghost bristols were able to spawn at 9 months old!? I have researched goldfish and I have two young commons and I have read that they do not become sexually mature until 2-3 years. Are yours exceptions or do you know if it depends on the variety of goldfish (ex: comets, butterflies, etc…)?

  3. Jennie

    Hi Gabrielle!Actually goldfish become sexually mature and can spawn as early as 6 months, but many breeders say the young produced are better from parent fish that are 2 to 3 years old.

  4. Unknown

    Ola keria saber si no puedes subtitular los videos o traducirlos de alguna manera ya que aka en colombia es muy complicado entenderte jajaja gracias

  5. Lorena Cortes

    Ola keria saber si no puedes subtitular los videos o traducirlos de alguna manera ya que aka en colombia es muy complicado entenderte jajaja gracias


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