Petco’s Dollar per Gallon Sale is on!

A couple times a year, Petco runs their “dollar per gallon” sale in which aquariums cost… well… one dollar per gallon of their volume, of course!  

The sale started today, so I stopped by on my way home from work and scored a 40 gallon breeder and a 10 gallon tank. 

Fun fact: the cashier must have been a brand new employee because she had no idea what a “40 breeder” was even after I pointed it out to her.  lol 

Anyone else thinking about getting a tank in this sale? 

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One thought on “Petco’s Dollar per Gallon Sale is on!

  1. Corky B. Roll

    is this relevant to all petcos or only in your area? do you know when it ends? I’m always missing them ;( lol

  2. Pearlscale

    What are you going to have in these tanks?Please, say more goldfish! 😀 Can you share your opinion about the pearlscale goldfish? Oh, and what kind of filter is there in your black tubs in your basement, besides spongefilter? 🙂

  3. Welland Valley Exotics

    Haha! I wish I was in US. Here in the UK, no pet companies are generous enough for a $/gallon sale. Shame though, I would probably buy the whole shop!

  4. Ricky Dillard

    I believe she said in the video that due to more water changes, she’s just using the poret sponge filters with extra bio media on top. Elsewhere, I believe she mentioned crush coral as well, for a ph buffer.

  5. sp calvin

    Printing will be what people can count on from your products and also it ought to be different by what your competition are providing. That is really a almost any logos of all businesses that are advertising the identical products, try going to one particular neighborhood retailer of businesses and also consider if you’re able to differentiate both of these. They feature the identical products and will simply change with regard to product or service name, brand or perhaps prices.

  6. shariq khatri

    Gallon aquariums not only come in a wide range of sizes, but shapes also. You can get small ones that hold only 5 gallons of water, and others which can hold 200 or more gallons of water.


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