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Viewer Mail!

I have a PO box so you guys can always send me letters, artwork you’ve made, or pretty much whatever you want! 

Jennie Connelly
PO Box 7381 Duluth, MN 55807

I’ve been trying to reply to each letter I get, so if you send me something you can expect a reply back! 

What’s extra exciting is that I recently had some cards made on CafePress I can use to reply to your letters, so until supplies run out I’ll be replying to you with a little card that has my artwork on it!  These are also available for sale HERE if you’re interested and I’ll be adding more designs soon (possibly even holiday themed!).  Purchasing things like these cards, my calendar, t-shirts, or my artwork is one big way you can help support Solid Gold so I can keep making videos every week for you guys!  🙂  

Speed Drawing | Red/white Oranda

This is a speed drawing video of a red and white oranda goldfish that I created for Dandy Orandas to be sold in auction along with the actual fish pictured!  I thinkthis is one of my favorite goldfish drawings I have done yet.  If youlike my art and would like to purchase some, I have an Etsy store where I sell artwork.  I’m also selling greeting cards that have my art on them over on my CafePress store, check it out!

Do you draw goldfish too?  Feel free to send me goldfish art or just share it on my Facebook page!

Fish Room Update | Tank Talk

Come check out what’s new in my fish room!  My second batch of ghost bristol fry are growing nicely and my butterflies finally spawned.  This gives me the chance try my hand at raising and grooming butterflies from an early age to bring out their best potential.  

Video Link:

Butterfly Eggs

The butterfly telescopes spawned today!  I raised the temperature and increased the photoperiod a little bit about a week ago in an attempt to trigger spawning.  I noticed some chasing, so I added a few spawning mops a few days ago, and found them covered in eggs today.  I’m fairly certain Minai is the female, but they could be fertilized by multiple males.  I think Luca, Clyde, and Benji were doing the majority of the chasing.  I am most interested in a Minai x Clyde cross, but I’ll take what I can get for now.  🙂  I had to do quite a bit of rearranging in the fish room to make space for more fry/eggs.  I have a few hundred or so ghost bristol fry right now that were taking up all the tank space!  I’ll do a Tank Talk fish room update video soon so you guys can see what’s been going on in the fish room lately.

ONE YEAR! | Luca and Felix Update

I can’t believe it’s already been a year since I got Luca and Felix, yet at the same time it feels like they’ve always been with me.  Here’s a one year update about them with before-and-after photos and, of course, an adorable video!  They have grown in leaps and bounds and are cuter (and chubbier!) than ever.

Last year Luca weighed 35 grams and was 2.25″ in body length (excluding tail fin).
Now he weighs 85 grams and is 3″ in body length.

Last year Felix weighed 30 grams and was 2.25″ in body length.
Now he weighs 96 grams and is 3.5″ in body length.

That’s quite the change!

See all the photos and videos after the jump!



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