Monday, January 6, 2014

ONE YEAR! | Luca and Felix Update

I can't believe it's already been a year since I got Luca and Felix, yet at the same time it feels like they've always been with me.  Here's a one year update about them with before-and-after photos and, of course, an adorable video!  They have grown in leaps and bounds and are cuter (and chubbier!) than ever.

Last year Luca weighed 35 grams and was 2.25" in body length (excluding tail fin).
Now he weighs 85 grams and is 3" in body length.

Last year Felix weighed 30 grams and was 2.25" in body length.
Now he weighs 96 grams and is 3.5" in body length.

That's quite the change!

See all the photos and videos after the jump!



Video Link:


  1. Love the close up pics. They both have great faces. :)

    Would love to see an update on Minai <3 as well! :)

    1. Update on Minai (and the other butterflies) coming soon! :D

  2. nice wish i had one can you make a growth video about orandas since i have two

  3. hey jennie are gonna be online in the blog. I have a question? how long does it take for a shubunkin goldfish to reach full size bye white night goldfish can you make a video about the blog and can we be friends thanks im a goldfish lover to i own two orandas, two ryukien, two comets, and two shubunkin and a pleco