Chinese Goldfish | A Book Review


  • I like this book because it has a lot of artistically photographed pictures of some very unique types of goldfish.  There are many goldfish types in this book that are often not represented in other goldfish books.  One negative thing I noticed though, is that the individual fish they chose to photograph are not always the greatest quality of their variety and are not always in the greatest health.  There were a lot of lionheads with very kinked backs (a serious fault) and plenty of fish fish dark red streaks in their fins.  
    • Something else I enjoyed was the interesting information the book shared about the cultural background of goldfish keeping in China.


      • The revised edition of the book was published in 1990, so the information is extremely outdated.  There was absolutely no mention of filtration for goldfish tanks, and the book even talked about how to keep your goldfish in a bowl, so the information was definitely not very accurate for modern times.
      • I felt the information given was too generalized and just barely scratched the surface.
      • The section called “Introduction to Goldfish Varieties” was not nearly exhaustive; I can think of several common goldfish varieties that were left out completely.

      I’m glad to have this in my goldfish book collection for the interesting pictures and perspective about goldfish in China.  But this book should definitely not be used as a manual or guide to proper goldfish care, so if that’s what you’re looking for, then look elsewhere. 

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      One thought on “Chinese Goldfish | A Book Review

      1. Ocean Truth

        I like the new series! Weird how they’d select some unhealthy fish to photograph for a book. I actually asked on youtube if the book also covers diseases, because I noticed a goldfish with big lumps on its side while you were flipping through it…

        I wonder if the Chinese version actually did, but it was too complicated to translate and they just threw all the pictures in for the English version. Lol. ๐Ÿ˜›

      2. Ricky Dillard

        You should do your own book! Even if it’s only self published through Amazon or similar.

      3. Jennie

        I’m thinking about it, but it will probably be a long-term project to work towards.:)

      4. Jennie

        Glad you like the new series OT!I’ve found it’s a pretty common thing with goldfish books (even the best of them) that a lot of times the fish pictured either aren’t the best examples of their variety or they aren’t in the best health.Not really sure why that’s the case.


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