Something’s Fishy about this Valentine

Hello everyone!  In keeping with my tradition of decorating my 75 gallon fish tank for the holidays, here is my Valentine’s Day aquarium.  I didn’t realize this until well after the decorating was all finished and I was filming, but this holiday actually works really well for the bristol shubunkin because of their (sideways) heart-shaped tails!  So cute.
Did any of you decorate your tank for the holiday too?  As always, feel free to share your pictures on Solid Gold’s Facebook page.  I hope you all have a good holiday, whether you’re out with your special someone or you just get to relax at home with your fish.  As for me, I’ll probably be doing a little of both!  Remember to click “read more” below to see all the photos.

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One thought on “Something’s Fishy about this Valentine

  1. Ocean Truth

    Great shots of the fish and tank!

    You’re right, the Ghosts’ tails really do look like hearts. Not sure why I never noticed that before. 🙂

  2. Hayden Cooper

    Where do you get the supplies for this from?
    I love seeing all your themes tanks!

  3. Jennie

    I shop around and get things from different places… online, the dollar store, thrift stores, craft stores, etc.:)


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