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Butterfly Telescope Fry Update

Here are some closeup shots of one of the best butterfly telescope fry.  The group is 11 weeks old today, and at this stage you can clearly see all fins, fin rays, and scales.  You can also see the telescope eyes starting to protrude ever so slightly.  This fry is not quite perfect because there are some inconsistencies in scale shape and size on his right side.  Still a fairly nice fish so far though. 

Kingyo | A Book Review

Video Link:

  • This book has beautifully photographed and composed images of goldfish and goldfish artifacts from Japan.
  • The short story contained in this book, called “A Riot of Goldfish” is fascinating and well-written.  A joy to read!
  • It’s not meant to be a practical book about goldfish care, it’s meant as more of an art book.  This is not necessarily a con, but it’s something you should know before buying.  
  • This is one of my favorite books in my collection of goldfish books because everything about it is so artsy and fun.  It would be a great book to have sitting out in your living room to show friends and family how interesting and beautiful goldfish are.  

    Butterfly Fry Update

    The butterfly fry are 10 weeks old now and doing well.  I can start to see the telescope eyes popping out just a little bit.  For the past few weeks I’ve been thinking about moving the fry into the 60 gallon tub so they can have some more space, and to free up the 40 gallon tank in case the adult butterflies spawn again soon.  Today seemed like the perfect time to do that because I noticed the adult butterflies were doing a little spawning this morning!  All the boys were chasing Sophie (the panda female) around and she released a few eggs.  I managed to get some eggs, but I just caught the tail end of spawning, so I don’t think there are enough to be worth raising them.  I’ll try again next time they spawn.

    Here are a couple videos of the fry.  The first one shows them eating their cubes of frozen brine shrimp while they were still in the 40 gallon tank.  The second one is their 10 week update with some UNDERWATER footage at the end!  I got a new camera; a Canon D20, for shooting underwater and it’s pretty fun. 

    Butterfly Fry | First 9 Weeks

    Remember that blog post from February in which I was complaining about having to cull so many of my butterfly fry so early on?  Well after that, I ended up counting them all and I still had almost 200 fry left!  Needless to say, it made me feel much better about how things were going.  We’re now at week 9 and I’m down to about 100 fry remaining.  Most of the culls in the recent round of culling were fish with deformed mouths, so I started treating them with praziquantel in case the deformed mouths are being caused by flukes (a parasite).

    I’m a little bit disappointed to see that the majority of them have tails that are too fused- the tail split is very minor.  But I was informed by an experienced breeder that the tail splits increase as the fry grow, so hopefully they’ll improve in the coming weeks.  Despite that, there are a few that appear to be quite exceptional in the tail split and tail spread, so I’m still very excited to see how they turn out!  I will probably be keeping the nicest ones to continue breeding them and selling the rest.  Eyes haven’t started developing yet, and they still have their fry color (brown).  I’m very anxious to find out what they’re adult colors will be!  A small percentage of them appear to be matte because the gill covers are transparent, so the parents must have a recessive calico gene or something…  I need to check my goldfish breeding book and reread the part about scale type inheritance.

    Subscriber Giveaway Going on Now

    I think we’re well overdue for another giveaway, don’t you?  Thank you to Riparium Supply for supplying the prizes!  Please expand this post to read the rules and how to enter. 

    UPDATE posted 3/23/14:

    -Must be subscribed to my channel.
    -Must be at least 18 years old, or have a parent’s permission.
    -Giveaway is open internationally.
    -To enter, leave a comment in the comments section below.  Only one comment per person is allowed!
    -Giveaway will be open for exactly 2 weeks.
    -Prizes are as follows: Grand Prize- 2 Tank Planters packages from Riparium Supply.  Runners-Up (3)- 1 Tank Planters package each from Riparium Supply.
    -Winners will be selected randomly from the comments and then announced by midnight on April 1st on the official Solid Gold Facebook page:  You have 3 days to respond and claim your prize.  If you don’t respond within that time frame, another winner will be selected.

    Deme*tyoubi Felted Goldfish Unboxing

    For years I have drooled over the felted goldfish art of deme*tyoubi and dreamed of commissioning a piece of my own someday. Well, that someday is here! I contacted her recently about making a felted replica of my female butterfly telescope, Minai. I’m so happy with the finished result!  What do you think, doesn’t it look just like her?  I really love the way she made the eyes and the subtle color shifts on the body.  Who knew you could reach this level of realism with wool felt?  You can visit her Facebook page to see more of her amazing work here: Deme*tyoubi

    The package arrived today all the way from Japan, and how could I notfilm an unboxing video for you?!  Also included in the package is alittle extra surprise… watch the video below to find out what it is!