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Solid Gold Sketchbook

Here’s some art I’ve been working on recently.  The drawing of Clover is the first large-scale (about 11×14″) goldfish drawing I have made and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.  I think I’ll be doing many more large drawings like this in the future.  I made it specifically to display at the Minnesota Aquarium Society tropical fish show over the weekend of April 4th and 5th, and my entry ended up winning first place in the fine art category!  I made of video of the creation process for this drawing, so be sure to watch that below!  Also keep an eye on my Etsy store, because I hope to have prints made of this one and made available in a few different sizes.

The second drawing was commissioned by a fellow goldfish keeper as a memento of her fish named River who recently passed away.  I really played with shadows and highlights with this one and I think the result is quite pretty.  Lately I’ve been trying to get away from heavily outlining my drawings all the time, to make for a more realistic look.  And last, but certainly not least, is a portrait of Betsy!  Betsy is a fantail goldfish owned by a vet clinic nearby.  When I visited with my dog about a year ago, I noticed that Betsy was living in a small bowl on the reception desk, so I helped the staff at the clinic set up a large aquarium for Betsy and her new friend Bernie.  Since then they have done such an excellent job caring for their finned friends and setting an example of good fish care for their clients.  You can read more about Betsy and Bernie here:  Veterinary Clinic Goldfish Aquarium

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Red/White Ryukin – Clover
Clover detail

Red Oranda – River
Red Fantail – Betsy

Save the Date | 3rd Annual AGA Show

Mark your calendars!  The date is set for the 3rd annual American Goldfish Association Breeders Classic Show and Auction.  It will be held August 9th in Anderson, Indiana at the Hollywood Estates Clubhouse.  The address is as follows:

Hollywood Estates Clubhouse
144 Hollywood Blvd.
Anderson, IN 46016

Friday, August 8th will be set up and socialization.  Judging will take place on the morning of Saturday, August 9th and the auction will be held on Saturday afternoon.  Please watch this thread on Goldfish Keepers Forum for updates.

Beautiful Fish, Artfully Photgraphed

As some of you may remember, part of my New Year’s Resolution thisyear was to experiment more with different camera lenses and photographytechniques. For the past year I’ve been coveting the Helios44-3 lens after seeing some photos a relative of mine took using it.The lens is kind of clunky to use with a new Canon camera, because it’s a very old Russian lens that requires an adapter to fit on the camera and it looses the ability to auto-focus. BUT, the result is totally worththe extra effort! The background blur (or “bokeh”) looks very prettyand almost looks like brushstrokes on a painting. What do you think?Which of the photos below is your favorite?

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Minnesota Aquarium Society Show 2014

This weekend was a whirlwind!  On Friday my husband (who should win an award for the best fish show supporter) and I packed up and drove down to Fridley, Minnesota to participate in my first fish show, the Minnesota Aquarium Society‘s annual show.  In deciding which of my fish to bring, I considered which one would be the most eye-catching, and which one conformed best to the ideal butterfly telescope in body and fin conformation.  I chose to bring Clyde, my male panda butterfly.  He also has very excellent swimming motion and balance, and is very active and personable, which makes him a great choice for a show fish.

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Clyde, a male panda butterfly telescope goldfish.
Clyde was very personable and swam actively at the front of glass all weekend long.
Clyde says “Get my good side!”.

We arrived at the show venue in the evening, and most people had already finished setting up their tanks.  We chose a spot next to a cute calico willow (single-tailed telescope) shown by a local breeder and had a good time chatting with him about goldfish while setting up.  In the goldfish and koi category, there were only five goldfish and one koi participating.  When we got Clyde set up in his show tank, it was time to make a Walmart run for some Command hooks to hang up my artwork; a pencil drawing of a ryukin, and a photography print of a butterfly telescope.  Finally, around 10pm, everything was all set and the fish room was closing for the night.  Judging would be finished by the time the fish room opened to the public again at noon on Saturday.

Jennie with her panda butterfly telescope, Clyde.

Jennie with her drawing and photography print.

On Saturday we listened to some guest speakers, checked out all the awesome fish in the show, and entered some raffles.  Before the award winners were announced at the end of the night, we played a few rounds of “Bubble Bingo” in which I won a box of aquarium goodies!  Most of it is not actually very goldfish-oriented, so I may be using them for giveaways in the future for those of you with other types of fish, so keep an eye out for that!  Show winners were finally announced and we found out that Clyde had won second place in the goldfish and koi category (he was beat by the koi), my ryukin drawing won first place in the art category, and… Clyde won the Peoples’ Choice Fish award!  I was awarded two plaques, which will be proudly displayed in my fish room I’m sure. 

Around the Fish Room with Jennie

The video below has more details, but don’t forget that the Minnesota Aquarium Society (MAS) show is this weekend in Fridley, MN!  I will be there both days and I’m bringing one of my fish to participate in the show.  If you see me there, come say hi!  More show info.
Also winners have been selected in my recent giveaway, so please check my Facebook page to see if you won.