Monthly Archives: October 2014

Where Have I Been?

Hello, my lovely goldfish friends!  I apologize for my long, unexplained absence; life has been full of changes for me lately.  I’ve steadily taken on more responsibility at my “day job” working full-time at a local animal shelter, and when I’m not working, I volunteer my time taking better photos of the cats and dogs for the organization’s website so they get adopted faster.  In addition to that (and this is probably the biggest single reason for my absence), I recently went through a divorce and moved into a small apartment on my own, which means I lost my fish room that I had been working so hard on and had to down-size my goldfish operation.  Add into the mix ongoing chronic pain and medical concerns, and I think you can see why I needed a break.  All that aside, I also had just been trying to take on a bit too much, and as a result, got a little burned out with goldfish for a while there.

It just goes to show that sometimes you need to scale back 
and simplify your life to find your “center” again.  

For a long time I could not even bring myself to look at the Solid Gold website, Facebook page, or YouTube channel because it was too painful.  I’m a little nervous that by writing this blog post, you may think it means that I am back into the full swing of things, but alas, it does not.  It simply means that I’m beginning the baby steps that will lead me back into the full swing of things one day.  So I ask that you please be patient with me.  The other day was the first time I could bear to look at the Facebook page, and to my astonishment, I found so many words of encouragement and support from all of you that it nearly brought me to tears.  I cannot thank you enough or express how grateful I am to have your support.  I hope together we can pick up the pieces and continue on this exciting goldfish journey we’ve been on together!

So, where are we now?  Out of my butterflies, I still have Luca, Clyde, Sophie, and two babies.  They’re living in my 75 gallon tank, to which I just added some live plants from Planted Aquariums Central in Riparium Supply’s nifty little tank planters.  I’m monitoring the butterflies very closely and doing daily water changes to keep pristine water quality because the other three adult butterflies that I had (Minai, Monocle, and Felix) passed away suddenly in the midst of all the changes that have been taking place in my life.  We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the remaining butterflies will stay healthy.  I still have my Ghost Bristols and some of their offspring, but I will be rehoming them soon to a fellow hobbyist because I need to simplify and focus on what is really important to me, which are my butterflies. 

Asha (named by Kirky George)
Edgar (named by Jon Ortiz)

To summarize, thank you so much for your continued support and I ask that you please be patient with me as I take steps toward getting into the full swing of things again.  Things may be quite different from now on, but I look forward to what the future brings as we continue our journey!  As always, if you’d like to support what I’m doing here at Solid Gold, please feel free to click on the “tip jar” button to leave a small donation.