Where Have I Been?

Hello, my lovely goldfish friends!  I apologize for my long, unexplained absence; life has been full of changes for me lately.  I’ve steadily taken on more responsibility at my “day job” working full-time at a local animal shelter, and when I’m not working, I volunteer my time taking better photos of the cats and dogs for the organization’s website so they get adopted faster.  In addition to that (and this is probably the biggest single reason for my absence), I recently went through a divorce and moved into a small apartment on my own, which means I lost my fish room that I had been working so hard on and had to down-size my goldfish operation.  Add into the mix ongoing chronic pain and medical concerns, and I think you can see why I needed a break.  All that aside, I also had just been trying to take on a bit too much, and as a result, got a little burned out with goldfish for a while there.

It just goes to show that sometimes you need to scale back 
and simplify your life to find your “center” again.  

For a long time I could not even bring myself to look at the Solid Gold website, Facebook page, or YouTube channel because it was too painful.  I’m a little nervous that by writing this blog post, you may think it means that I am back into the full swing of things, but alas, it does not.  It simply means that I’m beginning the baby steps that will lead me back into the full swing of things one day.  So I ask that you please be patient with me.  The other day was the first time I could bear to look at the Facebook page, and to my astonishment, I found so many words of encouragement and support from all of you that it nearly brought me to tears.  I cannot thank you enough or express how grateful I am to have your support.  I hope together we can pick up the pieces and continue on this exciting goldfish journey we’ve been on together!

So, where are we now?  Out of my butterflies, I still have Luca, Clyde, Sophie, and two babies.  They’re living in my 75 gallon tank, to which I just added some live plants from Planted Aquariums Central in Riparium Supply’s nifty little tank planters.  I’m monitoring the butterflies very closely and doing daily water changes to keep pristine water quality because the other three adult butterflies that I had (Minai, Monocle, and Felix) passed away suddenly in the midst of all the changes that have been taking place in my life.  We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the remaining butterflies will stay healthy.  I still have my Ghost Bristols and some of their offspring, but I will be rehoming them soon to a fellow hobbyist because I need to simplify and focus on what is really important to me, which are my butterflies. 

Asha (named by Kirky George)
Edgar (named by Jon Ortiz)

To summarize, thank you so much for your continued support and I ask that you please be patient with me as I take steps toward getting into the full swing of things again.  Things may be quite different from now on, but I look forward to what the future brings as we continue our journey!  As always, if you’d like to support what I’m doing here at Solid Gold, please feel free to click on the “tip jar” button to leave a small donation.

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One thought on “Where Have I Been?

  1. bluesun2662

    So sorry to hear of all that you have been going through and the loss of your goldies ๐Ÿ™
    Happy to hear that you are moving forward though, and I’m sending positive thoughts your way!
    Sincerely, Sharon(bluesun2662)

  2. Asad Ali

    That’s the spirit! Don’t ever let any obstacleget in the way of your journey towards success. And you’re damn pretty.

  3. chocky

    Hang in there jennie ๐Ÿ™‚ so glad to hear you’re back and just take your time. I sorry about your loss too ๐Ÿ™ you do whatever you need to do to get back onto your feet again ๐Ÿ™‚
    Elaine xx

  4. Lonely Pinay

    Im so glad to hear from you again. Tnx for making the effort of explaining to us the reason for your absence. Please do take care of yourself and your other remaining goldfishes. I cant wait for that time where we can watch happy videos of you again talking about your goldfishes. -huge fan from the philippines

  5. Phil Brit

    As a goldfish hobbyist myself I know the experience of negatives and positives on riding this roller coaster, and seeing your perseverance and effort to go through this again really shows that it’s love in first sight. Knowing that the recovery pace is hard you know that every single subscriber good and bad realise that they all depend on you , we got your back don’t worry!!!! ��������������������������

  6. KumaMushu

    I am new to the hobby – your videos are great and I hope to see more in the future! Good luck with everything – your fish are beautiful – Clyde and Sophie need to make babies!!! I would buy a few of them!!!!!!!

  7. Ocean Truth

    Sorry to hear that you had such a rough go of it… Stay strong and I’m glad to hear that your fans have shown you so much support. You’ve definitely been missed! Even though you haven’t made a video in a while, you still have the best fish channel going. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I wish you nothing but the best and smooth sailings for the future.

    I look forward to your next video whenever you feel up to making it.

    R.I.P. Minai and the other beautiful fish that have passed…

  8. Deborah Dodge

    I’m sorry you’ve been going through so many hard life changes but with the bad comes good and new happiness will start unfolding for you. I did not know you suffered with chronic pain and I know all too well how that can and does control your life even before everything else happens in the day. I’ve had several back surgeries and get a lot of nerve pain which I refer to my \x26quot;Baby Alligators in my shoes days\x26quot; or my \x26quot;Shark attack side effects\x26quot; just to put a comical spin on things lol.
    I wanted to tell you though your Youtube page and endless information / tips inspired me to work on building my dream aquarium for in my bedroom for I have always been a lover of goldfish and their humor Black Moors and Oranda’s being my favorites. And when nothing else takes the edge off of pain – in winter – my biggest relief comes from laying in bed listening to the water and watching my happy little goldfish with their fishy antics swimming by and they make you smile when nothing else can lol.
    So I saved up for many months and waited for Petco’s anniversary sale with their $1 per gallon deal. So in the past month I ordered a stand and then this month I took my brothers hostage in helping me bring home my new 55 gallon tank. Next month I’ll be picking up my Fluval F6 and begin the cycling process. I’m a stick to a budget find a sale / coupon girl so I’m taking my time putting my system together so it’s exactly how I want it. The more I watch your videos the more research I do and find myself falling in love with one breed after another of goldfish I didn’t even know were out there lol.
    Even though you may not realize it you touch a lot of lives and improve the lives of a lot of fish out there with what you share of your life with the world. ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. Stephanie Nelson

    Jennie, we love you so much! My fish and I have been sending good thoughts and prayers your way and we’ll continue to do so ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m very sorry to hear about the loss of your 3 butterflies. We’re all hoping that all of your fish stay as healthy as possible! We all know what a difficult time this has been for you, so take your time getting back on your feet, good luck to you and your goldfish ๐Ÿ™‚


    So happy to read from you! Im sending you hugs, strength and courage to hopefully get through this hard time a little easier. Love how your butterfly’s are coming along,they are so cute. Cant wait for the next update either. No rush, im here for the long term ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Sasha Clement

    Sorry for all of that roller coaster. I’m so sorry for all of that effort and time spend into the fish room that you had to leave. And also all of your losses… I send you strength and courage to help you get through this hard time.


  12. Elisa Sandle

    I squealed when I saw this! I am so happy to finally hear from you! Your well-edited and adorable YouTube videos are the reason why my passion for fish blossomed. I now spread the word on how to correctly care for and love one’s fish friend. You’re helping people and fish folk alike!
    I pray for your health and happiness : D

  13. Dave Seaker

    We love you Jennie! It’s great to hear from you again, i always check on my subscription when I saw the recent post I followed up the link right away that being said I am sorry to hear about your trials. We have a lot in common miss Jennie, I also am an artist (draw animals \x26amp; people) I have had a goldfish tank for 20+ years (that is running) even when I \x26quot;lost\x26quot; my tropical I always kept up my simple cold water fantails \x26amp; comets. I have moved many times \x26amp; have had to down size my aquarium hobby (fortunately it’s presently on the increase !) I worked at an animal shelter for 5 years so I know how devoted \x26amp; passionate you can be giving love, hope \x26amp; a \x26quot;voice\x26quot; to the voiceless, you’re doing a great thing. There’s a saying \x26quot;anyone who has not known the love of an animal has a part of their soul that remains unawakened\x26quot; Best of luck we will patiently wait for future updates.

  14. Lydia McCall

    Glad you’re back I was starting to worry to much! I’m sorry all this had to happen to you, I feel so bad to see you go through all this. I am here for you Jennie!!! I hope things turn out for you. I know what it is like to lose so much all at once you never know what to do till that day comes. But I promise to you it all works out! Everything is going to work out for you, you have done so much for us and for yourself it may not be what you want at the moment but it all works out for the best you just got to keep your head held high and not give up on your dreams!!!!


  15. Futuresight888

    I am so glad to hear you are okay.I am a fan of your YouTube channel and was worried by the sudden silence.I am saddened to hear your road has been so troubled recently.You are in my thoughts and prayers for better days ahead.

  16. Cary Simpson

    I really, truly feel for you. I once went through a similar circumstance of things just piling and piling up on me: relationship issues, financial problems, losing my job, and then because of the break down in my own life, I neglected my fish and had to watch them waste away and die without anything I could do to help them.

    It was especially crushing, ontop of all of it, because I had finally gotten some really wonderful fish that I had always wanted. I have a video of them here that I took before they died: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvpXTO933aw

    It’s still hard for me to watch that video sometimes.

    It felt a little bit like seeing a mirror of my own past circumstances since I suffer from discomfort and pain from an old neck injury from doing stupid stuff as a kid, which, on it’s own, just brings me down and fatigues me sometimes.

    I hope for the best for you, and I hope it all works out! And if you ever need someone to talk to, or just someone that will listen, contact me via Google+. I might not respond immediately, but I promise I will within a few hours.

  17. Anethe Rojas

    hi jennie, sorry all that is happening in Mexico say that what does not kill you makes you stronger. I’ll keep waiting for your videos every Monday, because I love, take your time and your heart healthy, good luck,

  18. Goldfishman2014

    Welcome Back Jenny…Glad to have you back. Life will throw things at us, keep fighting girl and you will be on top!!! So sorry for your losses…wishing you a speedy comeback!!!


  19. Karolina S

    I’m so happy that you’re gonna keep taking those important baby steps ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope your life continues to move forward in the best way, and my goldies and I are sending positive thoughts your way!

  20. Kevin Spirk

    That really, really sucks. You seem so cool and have such a positive spirit. You deserve better luck!


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