Monday, December 15, 2014

Goldfish Learning to use an Interactive Feeder

Finding ways to provide enrichment has been an increasingly popular focus for zoos, aquariums, animal shelters, and the like in recent years.  Enrichment means finding ways to allow the captive animal to exercise behaviors that come naturally to it; behaviors it would do in the wild if it could.  Carp are scavengers by nature; they spend a lot of time sifting through detritus to find bits of algae and invertebrates to eat.  We see this in our captive goldfish as well when they sift through the sand or gravel bottoms of our aquariums looking for morsels of food.  When your goldfish picks up a piece of gravel and appears to "chew" on it for a while, he is actually sucking tiny microbes off the gravel surface.  

So if goldfish naturally have to "work" to find their food, how can we replicate this in an aquarium?  I took a hint from those interactive dog and cat food puzzles you can find in pet stores and made an interactive food-releasing toy for my fish.  I made this over year ago, but pulled it out of storage the other day to give Navi a crack at it.  The result was so cute I almost couldn't even handle it!  See for yourself...

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  1. My mum loves fishes . she has an aquarime and all and is always ready to add another fish to her collection . but their enrichment is a issue as always so thanks for the updates i'll tell her about this .