The Perfect Rack for 40 Gallon Tanks

I found this shelving unit from Lowe’s that fits two 40 gallon breeder tanks perfectly.  This means no more tanks on the floor of my dining room!  This is only half of the shelf, it can actually hold four tanks.  It’s nice because it’s heavy duty and can certainly hold the weight, but it also has a polished look to it so it doesn’t seem too terribly out of place in my living area.

Link Edsal Steel Shelving Unit

My new fish, Navi, is being quarantined in the bottom tank and my 3-week-old butterfly fry are up top (yes, I’m raising fry again!).  Once Navi’s quarantine is over, I’ll be able to move half of the fry to the bottom tank to give them more space to grow out.  I’m loving this setup!  In fact, I’m super tempted to run out to Petco the next time they have their dollar-per-gallon tank sale and grab two more 40 gallon breeder tanks so I can set up the other half of the shelf too…  who needs a dining room when you can have a fish room, right?!



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One thought on “The Perfect Rack for 40 Gallon Tanks

  1. Ocean Truth

    Great find for your 40 breeder tanks! The shelf looks like they were made for the tanks. Everything looks super clean together.

  2. Elisa Sandle

    Hi! I am looking to buy your fry when they get older if you have a yellow/white or a red butterfly telescope. I’ve been watching Dandy Orandas auction for about 6 months now and they have a very small selection of butterfly telescopes. I already have a red/white butterfly so not very interested in purchasing another.
    I would also love to buy a fish from you because I would love to support you! I accidentally stumbled upon your Youtube channel about 4 months ago and I am so happy I did! I appreciate that you’re passionately showing people that fish have personalities and great qualities just like any other pet.
    Thank you!

  3. Kaini

    Thank you so much for this post! I’d been looking everywhere for a strong, reasonable 40b stand and THIS is it! Fits wonderfully and is surprisingly good looking for a shelving unit. Best 75 bucks I ever spent, and I would have never seen it without your post, so thank you!

  4. photorise

    Hi Solid gold! Thank you for the post. I do have a question if you don’t mind. I just bought and setup a 40G breeder on the bottom shelf of the Lowe’s shelving unit you mentioned and the tanks seems to be resting on the edges of the cross bars instead of dropping down to the the particle board sheet. Did you experience anything like this? I wonder if either Petco 40G tanks or shelving unit designs have been modified recently. Thank you, Gene Y.

  5. Tiffany Jobi

    The tank and shelving have very slightly different measurements with the shelving being just a hair smaller. I imagine if you put the aquarium in before tightening everything down just right, it will fit nice and snug w/out having issues. I’m about to try this afternoon myself. I’ll update if any problems or tricks. 🙂

  6. Wes

    Thanks for sharing this on the internet. This shelving does really fit 40 gal breeder tanks like a glove.

  7. Linda Reyes

    I just bought a stand at Petco today and it does not accommodate two 40 gallon tanks as I was told it would. And I searched high and low for something to fit both tanks. I like the idea of these shelves from Lowes but my question is, what is supporting the tank itself?Is it the wood? And does it come with these pieces of wood?I would think so since it’s shelves. Also, does the wood sit on something? I’m having a hard time getting my set up together for my 2 turtles and would appreciate your feed back because I’m loving this idea.Thanks a bunch! Linda

  8. Chao Vang

    Love your YouTube channel. I’m from Minnesota too. Just purchased a similar rack at Mernards called Muscle Rack, on sale, and from site to store for $39.99.

  9. Chao Vang

    Love your YouTube channel. I’m from Minnesota too. Just purchased a similar rack at Mernards called Muscle Rack, on sale, and from site to store for $39.99.


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