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Butterfly Fry Update | 2 Months Old

My butterfly fry are now just over two months old, and there are 57 left at this time.  They’re starting to look very nice and I’m excited to see how they’ll look at 6 months when we’ll be able to see their adult form and colors.  For those wondering; yes, I do plan on selling the ones I can’t keep for myself.  There will hopefully be about 5 that I’ll want to keep, but then I’ll have roughly 40 to sell, but not for a few months yet.  I want to keep them long enough that their adult form and color starts to show so I can make sure I’m providing quality fish to you guys.

For now, you can plan ahead for your new Solid Gold Butterfly by purchasing an aquarium at the Petco Dollar Per Gallon sale (ending soon!), continue watching my update videos, and keeping an eye out for more details in future posts!

Dandy Orandas Giveaway Winners


Congrats to Daniel James, our non-US winner, who has claimed his EggLites and will be receiving them shortly!  I gave the two Dandy Orandas gift certificate winners plenty of time, but never heard from them, so the runners-up have been selected.  Same rules apply; the following two winners must contact me within 48 hours or their prizes will be forfeited.

YouTube users Anna Butcher and Confishius, please contact me via Facebook or YouTube private message to claim your gift certificates!


The results are in! Two randomly-selected US winners from my YouTube giveaway will each win a $50 gift certificate to Dandy Orandas. Winners will have 48 hours from now to contact me via YouTube or Facebook private message to claim their prize. I’ll need to know your real name, verify that you have a US address, and get your email address so Dandy Orandas can send you your emailed gift certificate.

If you are Austin Dalton or ParadiseTanks from YouTube, congrats on winning and please contact me ASAP!


But that’s not all!  One randomly-selected non-US winner from my Facebook giveaway will win a set of 4 red Mini EggLites courtesy of Dandy Orandas. The winner will have 48 hoursfrom now to contact me via YouTube or Facebook private message to claimtheir prize. I’ll need to know your real name and your non-US address so I can send you your prize.

If you are Daniel James from Facebook, congrats on winning and please contact me ASAP!

Two Dandy Orandas Giveaways!

My friend Ken from Dandy Orandas was looking to do another giveaway, and since Solid Gold recently surpassed 18,000 subscribers, it was perfect timing!  Watch the video below for all the giveaway details, and follow the directions carefully because there are TWO simultaneous giveaways going on; one on the YouTube video and the other on my Facebook page.

Dandy Orandas Gift Certificates Giveaway on YouTube
The YouTube giveaway will have two winners who each get a $50 gift certificate to Dandy Orandas and is only open to US residents.  To enter you must leave a comment on the YouTube video and be a subscriber of Solid Gold.

EggLites Giveaway on Facebook
The Facebook giveaway will have one winner who will get a set of EggLites for their pond or fish tank and is only open to non-US residents.  To enter you must leave a comment under the giveaway promo photo on my Facebook page and “like” Solid Gold on Facebook.

Where’s Edgar?!

Edgar, a male butterfly telescope I bred about a year ago.

As many of you noticed in my video from last week in which I showed you around my fish room (click here if you missed that video → Impromptu Fish Room Tour) Edgar is no longer in my 75 gallon tank.

Edgar all boxed up and ready for his journey!

I decided that I needed to make more space in my 75 gallon tank, which was getting a bit crowded.  I also want to focus in on only fish that I’m interested in breeding in the future, and after evaluating all my fish, I decided Edgar wasn’t a good candidate for that.  So I sent him on a trip to live with my friend Nicole in New York!  Watch the video below to see him being all boxed up.  Near the end you’ll also get to see Nicole’s unboxing footage to see how he fared in his long journey.