Monday, October 26, 2015

Solid Gold Visits Dandy Orandas

I took a weekend trip to Michigan to show you guys a little tour of the Dandy Orandas fish room!  It was like I died and went to goldfish heaven!  There were about 1,500 goldfish on site; broadtail ryukins, ranchus, orandas, pearlscales, bubble eyes, butterflies, shubunkins, black comets, tosakin, and so much more.  Never before have I seen such sheer numbers of beautiful fish all together in one place.  Huge thanks to Ken Fischer for letting me visit and film a little tour for you guys.  We also filmed an interview, which you will get to see next week, so stay tuned!  These fish are sold in weekly auctions starting (almost) every Friday night at 8pm EST at  Ken imports them from various goldfish farms in China, quarantines them and makes sure they're good and healthy, and then sells them here in the United States.

Dandy Orandas Tour
Old Petland systems full of beautiful goldfish
Broadtail ryukin goldfish
Red/White Broadtail Ryukins
Ranchus and Orandas
Broadtail Ryukins... love the one on the right
Dandy Orandas
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Saturday, October 24, 2015

FREE Calendar with Purchase of Dandy Orandas Fish

If you haven't already checked out the Dandy Orandas auction this week, you definitely should.  I have partnered up with Ken to offer a FREE Solid Gold calendar to anyone that spends over $200 (before shipping) on fish from the auctions over the next several weeks!

Dandy Orandas Auction


Monday, October 12, 2015

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

2016 Solid Gold Calendar

Solid Gold Calendar

This is the third year in a row that I've done a Solid Gold calendar and it has to be the one I am most proud of so far. The fish featured in this year's calendar are all butterfly telescopes in a wide assortment of colors from calico to jet black! There will be some familiar faces (ahem... hey there Clyde and Sophie) and some newbies, but all are members of the Solid Gold fishy family and have been painstakingly and artfully photographed by yours truly. I have poured my heart and soul into this project so that I could make something of stellar quality for you guys and I hope it shows!

I ordered one today and I'll do a video showing you guys what it looks like in person when it gets here. I can't wait to hang it on my wall next to my goldfish tank and I hope you guys will too! It comes in two sizes and I highly recommend the bigger one. Trust me... it's worth it, the photos come out so much nicer that way.

Thank you to all of those that will purchase a calendar! Proceeds from this calendar will go right back into keeping Solid Gold alive and thriving and your support is MUCH appreciated- more than you know! Couldn't do it without you. 

Monday, October 5, 2015

One Year Update for Butterfly Babies

You got to see my butterfly telescope babies grow up from little one-week-old "eyelashes" and now just look at the beauties they've become!  They're almost one year old now and I'm so pleased with how they've turned out.  It has taken a lot of careful grooming (aka WORK!) to get to this point, but it's nice to see the rewards.  These are the seven that I have decided are my keepers for future breeding; the other have already been sold a few months ago.  

I have gotten a few unfortunate reports of swim bladder issues in some of the babies that went to new homes, which leads me to think that Luca (my white butterfly) may have been the father of most of them.  While I knew Sophie was the mother, since she was the only female in the tank at the time, I didn't know who the father was being that it was a group spawn.  Luca has slight swim bladder issues, though not severe whatsoever.  Just in case he is genetically predisposed to swim bladder issues and passes that along to his offspring though, I do not plan to use him for any future breeding.  He's my oldest goldfish anyways; it's time for him to retire!  Since most of my red/white butterflies are more orange/white than true red/white, I will also be looking for some nice deep red fish I can breed them with to try and get better color in the future.  Even though these babies may not be RED, I still love how they turned out anyway!  

butterfly moor

butterfly goldfish

butterfly telescope goldfish

black moor

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