Monthly Archives: December 2015

Black Butterfly Beauties

Here are my four black butterfly telescope goldfish in their 75 gallon aquarium. The three big ones (Loki, Lana, and Mordecai) are from Dandy Orandas and the little guy (Poe) was bred by me from red/white butterfly telescope parents. These fish spawned for me a few days ago, so I now have a batch of tiny little fry from them. I’m very excited to see how the babies turn out!


Fish Room Tour

I finally have the fish room I’ve always wanted! My 15’x10′ balcony is home to my 25-30 goldfish and their quickly-growing fry. My group of fish includes 6 calico butterfly telescopes, 13 red/white butterfly telescopes, 4 black butterfly telescopes, and 7 broadtail black moors.
There are four 40 gallon breeder aquariums, one 127 gallon Laguna tub, and two 100 gallon Intex wading pools. 
Filtration in the fish room is accomplished with a linear piston air pump from Jehmco that powers air-driven sponge filters in each tank, along with air stones for additional aeration. 
There are more fish housed inside as well in a 75 gallon aquarium filtered by a 20 gallon under-tank sump filter. 

Now it’s time to get to work producing and grooming some beautiful butterfly telescope babies. Wish me luck!