About Me

My name is Jennie and I’m the creator of Solid Gold; a website that’s all about promoting goldfish appreciation and their proper care.  I have kept goldfish on-and-off through my entire life, but it wasn’t until 2008 that I began researching more about keeping them properly.  The rest is history… I was hooked on goldfish almost immediately because of their personable and charming ways!  Currently, my focus is on keeping and breeding quality butterfly tail telescope goldfish.

The goal of Solid Gold is to foster a greater appreciation for goldfish.  To that end I make new videos on my YouTube channel every week and write new blog posts regularly as well.  Please follow along with me on my journey of goldfish keeping!

If you enjoy my videos and blog, please consider dropping some change in my tip jar (located in the upper right-hand side of my blog) to ensure Solid Gold sticks around for a very long time to come!

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2014 SOLID GOLD Calendars Available Now!
Don’t miss out! If you’d like, you can purchase one for yourself or a goldfish-loving friend here:  CafePress 2014 Solid
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Butterflies in a Bowl…
These two are my favorites of all the butterflies I have.  They are Minai (a female red/white) and Clyde (a
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Petco’s Dollar per Gallon Sale is on!
A couple times a year, Petco runs their “dollar per gallon” sale in which aquariums cost… well… one dollar per
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What Pet Stores Don’t Tell You About… Water Changes
Now I don’t want to make it sound like all pet stores give bad information about fishkeeping, because some are
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Nerite Snails Update
My two nerites have been doing a pretty good job of eating the algae and diatoms in my tank so
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Goldfish Zen
A few posts back, I made a post about my new glass planter that I got from Ikea.  I filled
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Aquarium Sump Assembly- Part 1
The aquarium store finally finished the parts for my sump!  However, there was a major miscommunication or something, and it’s
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Aquarium Sump Assembly- Part 2
I made some progress on my 55 gallon tank setup!  Now I’m pretty much just waiting on a few more
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The Broadtails are Settling in…
My new red broadtails are doing well!  They’re slowly recovering from the stress of shipping and are swimming around more,
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Spooky Halloween Goldfish Tank
Last Halloween I started the tradition of decorating my 75 gallongoldfish tank for the holidays, and since then I’ve done
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