About Me

My name is Jennie and I’m the creator of Solid Gold; a website that’s all about promoting goldfish appreciation and their proper care.  I have kept goldfish on-and-off through my entire life, but it wasn’t until 2008 that I began researching more about keeping them properly.  The rest is history… I was hooked on goldfish almost immediately because of their personable and charming ways!  Currently, my focus is on keeping and breeding quality butterfly tail telescope goldfish.

The goal of Solid Gold is to foster a greater appreciation for goldfish.  To that end I make new videos on my YouTube channel every week and write new blog posts regularly as well.  Please follow along with me on my journey of goldfish keeping!

If you enjoy my videos and blog, please consider dropping some change in my tip jar (located in the upper right-hand side of my blog) to ensure Solid Gold sticks around for a very long time to come!

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Tank Talk | I’m Getting New Fish!
My shipment of Dandy Orandas butterflies should be here tomorrow!  I’m so excited, but also nervous.  I hope nothing goes
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An Introduction to the Butterfly Telescope Goldfish
“The Butterfly Tail … often flutters its lovely tail fins like a girl in the flower of her youth taking
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Setting up a Quarantine Tub (New Fish!)
I’m expecting two new fish in the mail tomorrow morning! They are twovibrant red Chinese broadtails, here’s a quick sneak
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Aquarium Sump Assembly- Part 3
The tank is finally finished!  The company I ordered the check valve from sent me the wrong size by accident,
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Adding Plants
Today I added some plants to my new 55 gallon tank!  I like to keep my tanks bare-bottom (with no
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A Year of Growth
A year ago, I purchased a tiny white/red ryukin as somewhat of an “afterthought”.  I was buying a large butterfly
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Winter Wonderland Aquarium | in the making
Coming soon to a YouTube channel near you is Solid Gold’s WinterWonderland Aquarium! 😉 Here’s a sneak peek, but you’ll
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Swimming in a Winter Wonderland
My ghost bristols got their wish… a white Christmas!  Here they are swimming in their new winter wonderland aquarium complete
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Happy Holidays!
My fish wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (or whichever holiday you celebrate)!
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