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My name is Jennie and I’m the creator of Solid Gold; a website that’s all about promoting goldfish appreciation and their proper care.  I have kept goldfish on-and-off through my entire life, but it wasn’t until 2008 that I began researching more about keeping them properly.  The rest is history… I was hooked on goldfish almost immediately because of their personable and charming ways!  Currently, my focus is on keeping and breeding quality butterfly tail telescope goldfish.

The goal of Solid Gold is to foster a greater appreciation for goldfish.  To that end I make new videos on my YouTube channel every week and write new blog posts regularly as well.  Please follow along with me on my journey of goldfish keeping!

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Day Five of Quarantine
Today the two butterflies are still doing great!  I placed my first order with Tasty Worms to get some Repashy
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Day Eight of Quarantine
Things continue to go well for the two new butterflies!  On Thursday they finished their first round of prazi, and
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The Snail and the Christmas Tree
My red spot nerite snail has discovered the Christmas trees!  He waszooming around eating diatoms on a couple of them
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Day 13 of Quarantine
Quarantine for the butterflies has been uneventful (that’s always a good thing!).  I’ve started feeding them Repashy Spawn and Grow
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2013 Goldfish Calendar
I decided to try something new and made a 2013 wall calendar filled with great photos of awesome fish!  All
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Quarantine is Over
Today marks the last day of quarantine for my two little butterflies.  Ideally I would like to keep them in
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The Egg-laying Begins
Up until now, my two nerite snails (one zebra and one red spot) haven’t laid any eggs in the tank,
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75 Gallon Tank Photos
Now that Christmas is over, I’ve taken down all our Christmas decorations (including the aquarium ones!).  I put the fake
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Sad News…
I have some very sad news… Specter, one of my ghost bristols, has passed away.  It happened so suddenly.  She
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The Ghost Bristols Are Spawning!
Over the past month the two biggest ghost bristols (Wraith and Poltergeist) developed breeding stars, so I figured they were
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