Goldfish Lullaby Goldfish Lullaby

Here’s a relaxing video of my 55 gallon tank at night with just a dim light on.  It’s just too bad that in real life the tank is not this relaxing.  The overflow box is making a loud gurgling noise that I still have to fix!  These two little trouble-makers already figured out that it’s…
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Aquarium Sump Assembly- Part 3 Aquarium Sump Assembly- Part 3

The tank is finally finished!  The company I ordered the check valve from sent me the wrong size by accident, but I was still able to make it work.  The fish seem very happy to be in their new home, and I’m happy to not have a big tub of water sitting on my floor…
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Adding Plants Adding Plants

Today I added some plants to my new 55 gallon tank!  I like to keep my tanks bare-bottom (with no substrate) for easier maintenance, so I normally just tie some anubias or java fern onto large rocks if I want to add plants to my tank.  But this time I tried a different approach.  I…
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Aquarium Sump Assembly- Part 2 Aquarium Sump Assembly- Part 2

I made some progress on my 55 gallon tank setup!  Now I’m pretty much just waiting on a few more parts and waiting for the silicone to cure before I can set it up. Here I’m siliconing the acrylic parts into the sump.  I used some books and rolls of tape I had laying around…
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Aquarium Sump Assembly- Part 1 Aquarium Sump Assembly- Part 1

The aquarium store finally finished the parts for my sump!  However, there was a major miscommunication or something, and it’s not exactly what I expected.  I think I can still make it work though.   I found out the reason why they took so long too; apparently they aren’t doing well financially and may even go…
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Setting up a Quarantine Tub (New Fish!) Setting up a Quarantine Tub (New Fish!)

I’m expecting two new fish in the mail tomorrow morning! They are twovibrant red Chinese broadtails, here’s a quick sneak peek of them. I’m tracking their delivery progress online, and right now they’re in Memphis, Tennessee!For their quarantine I’m using a 26 gallon clear plastic bin, filtered by an Aquaclear 110 filter. The filter is…
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New Fish Arrival New Fish Arrival

The two new broadtails have arrived! They are a little stressed from shipping, but otherwise look to be in good shape! GHB or gamma-hydroxbutyrate, see page penile implants. For more information click reference, there are instances when taking it could be dangerous or counterproductive. bookmarked!!, I really like your Website!

An Introduction to the Butterfly Telescope Goldfish An Introduction to the Butterfly Telescope Goldfish

“The Butterfly Tail … often flutters its lovely tail fins like a girl in the flower of her youth taking a leisurely stroll- all innocence, vitality, and not a hint of worry or sadness.  Words simply cannot do it justice.” -Louise Chan The butterfly telescope is most easily recognized by its large, unforked caudal fins…
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