Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Adding Plants

Today I added some plants to my new 55 gallon tank!  I like to keep my tanks bare-bottom (with no substrate) for easier maintenance, so I normally just tie some anubias or java fern onto large rocks if I want to add plants to my tank.  But this time I tried a different approach.  I wanted to have the plants rooted in gravel, but not have gravel throughout the entire tank.  So, I purchased this planter from Ikea.  The rounded corners make it ideal for use in a goldfish tank, since goldfish are clumsy swimmers and are constantly bumping into things. 

I removed the stickers and filled it with black aquarium gravel.

I chose to plant a few different anubias varieties.  I got these plants online several months ago, and they're holding up to my abuse quite well.  I'm not so good with most aquatic plants, since I'm always uprooting and rearranging them! 

I arranged them how I wanted in the planter.

Then I carefully lowered the planter into the tank, and viola!

I love how it turned out.  It adds some more visual interest to the tank while still being easy to maintain, and it doesn't create a hazard for the fish.


  1. so cool, clean and stunning!
    do you have a good source for buying the beautiful fish like you have...ones with the frilly floaty tails...we love watching them swim! thanks!

  2. Thanks! You can try a few different sources:
    Alternatively, you can join a goldfish forum and ask around to see if anyone is selling fish.

  3. Hey Jennie, what are some good plants to use in goldfish tanks?

  4. Since sciophytic (low-light) plants that are ease back developing to begin with can withstand the shade well, they are for all intents and purposes unaffected in such a condition. In the event that anything, their leaves may become bigger. visit this site