Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Broadtails are Settling in...

My new red broadtails are doing well!  They're slowly recovering from the stress of shipping and are swimming around more, so I decided to give them a little bit of food today.  Feeding them seems to have encouraged even more swimming around!  I am the kind of person who names my fish, and I decided on Callisto for the female (the larger one) and Ganymede for the male. I've been changing as much of the water as I can each day, which ends up being about 75%, and the water parameters are looking great.  I'm keeping the water as pristine as possible to avoid any additional stress on them. 

I'm getting so impatient to get them set up in their permanent home!  They will be the sole inhabitants of my new 55 gallon tank.  The tank itself is all ready, except that I'm still waiting on the fish store to build the sump for me.  For my 75 gallon tank, I built my own sump out of a 20 gallon long tank.  But the stand for the 55 gallon tank is so narrow that nothing fits very well underneath, so my plan was to have the fish store custom-make a sump that will fit well and still be large enough.  Well, I've been waiting for three weeks now, and at the end of each week I call to ask about the progress.  I keep getting the same answer; "we're really busy right now, but we'll call you back on Monday about it.".  Needless to say, they keep failing to call, and they haven't even begun to work on it yet.  It didn't bother me so much before, but now that I have fish that need to go in the tank, I'm getting very impatient about it.  These two fish are much bigger than I expected, and I think they would be better off in the 55 gallon tank than in the ~25 gallon QT tub (even though the tub is only temporary).  Here is my lovely (but yet unusable) new 55 gallon tank set up and waiting, with the QT tub on the floor next to it.  Kinda funny! 


  1. You should attempt to build your own sump. Acrylic isnt that hard tgo work with from what ive read. Heres a good site for some ideas and info
    By the way like the Jupiter moon names.