Photos from the 75g Tank

Today I took some photos of the fish in my 75 gallon tank; here are a few highlights…

This is Nixie, a small orange butterfly telescope.  She is quickly becoming one of my favorites.

Alastor “Mad Eye” Moody, a large calico butterfly telescope.  This guy is a powerful swimmer.

This is Babydoll, a small black butterfly telescope.  She’s hard to get a good photo of.  I learned that it’s best to wait until she swims in front of the bright quartz rock to take a photo so you can actually see her!

And here are Saphira and Clover.  Saphira is a sakura fantail and Clover is a red and white ryukin/fantail.

A fun group photo of three fish!  Plus, Babydoll is hiding in the background. Can you spot her?

Right now this tank is home to five fish.  The tank is a 75 gallon tank with a wet/dry filter that holds another 10 gallons of water, so technically I could have more fish in here if I chose to.  But I’ve been really keen on the “less is more” approach lately and I’m trying to keep all my tanks understocked.  I’ve also always favored minimal decor; as you can see the tank is bare-bottom and only has two large quartz rocks as decoration.  I like to keep the tanks simple and elegant so the fish are the main focal point.

Less is more!

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