A Year of Growth

A year ago, I purchased a tiny white/red ryukin as somewhat of an “afterthought”.  I was buying a large butterfly online, and I wanted a second fish to make shipping worthwhile.  Also, I wanted a small ryukin to provide company for a little fantail I was keeping in a tank alone at the time.  So, I got Clover.  At first I thought Clover was a female, but as time went on he began to sport some very manly breeding stars, indicating he was actually a male.

Clover has grown in leaps and bounds within the past year!  Unfortunately I didn’t weigh him when he first arrived, but the first time I weighed him was on December 8th, 2011, and he weighed only 27 grams at that time.  I weighed him again on March 23rd of 2012, and he was up to 65 grams!  So in just a few months, he more than doubled in size!  I attribute the growth spurt to the increased feedings I started, by using an automatic feeder to space out the feedings throughout the day.  I also started keeping my tanks understocked, allowing more room per fish and more dilution of waste. 

I’m pretty proud of the little (not so little anymore!) guy.

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