Monday, October 22, 2012

Fish Bowls Are FOES!

Fish bowls are foes and here's why!

This video explains exactly why fish bowls make a bad home for a goldfish.  Remember, fish bowls are FOES because...

F - filtration
In a bowl there is no room for filtration, and goldfish require powerful filtration.

O - oxygen
The round shape of bowls means that they have very little surface area compared to their volume.  This causes a lack of oxygen, and goldfish require a lot of oxygen in the water.

E - ethics
Would you keep a dog in a room the size of a small bathroom its entire life?  No?  Then why keep a goldfish in a tiny bowl where it is unable to do any of its natural behaviors?

S - space
Goldfish are not small fish!  They may start out small, but they grow very big very fast!  Such a big fish requires a lot of space.

If this video prevents even just one person from keeping their pet goldfish in a bowl, I will be happy.  Please feel free to share this video anywhere you like to help me promote good goldfish-keeping practices!

The bowl used in this video is a standard 1 gallon fish bowl.  My goldfish make it look tiny!

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  1. I think there is some point here, and will pass on the message whenever I see a fish bowl.