Thursday, December 13, 2012

Day 13 of Quarantine

Quarantine for the butterflies has been uneventful (that's always a good thing!).  I've started feeding them Repashy Spawn and Grow and I think they prefer the taste of this over the Soilent Green.  I like to toss in a big cube and watch them tear pieces off like tiny little sharks!  Okay, so the cube of gel food is actually not really big... it's mouth-sized for Clover and Callisto, my two ryukins.  But the butterflies are so tiny that it seems like a really big cube of gel food!  Yesterday Sophie nibbled on my hand for the first time while I was doing a water change.  These two have never really acted afraid of human presence, but they still kept their distance.  But now I think they're already starting to associate my hands with food.  And people say goldfish only have a 3-second memory... please!  Today Sophie actually started nibbling at the gel food while it was still in my hand; it was very cute.  She's already almost trained to hand-feed

Here's a fun little video of them drifting about in the quarantine tub.  Just imagine that the hardwood floor showing through the clear tub bottom is actually a Japanese wooden basin, like this (art by Riusuke Fukahori). 

I've been really thinking about where to put these two once their quarantine period is over.  I want them moved out of the QT tub by Christmas because we're having a lot of family over to our house and I think being in a tub on the floor with lots of people and dogs walking (more like stomping!) around would be stressful for them.  But I don't yet know where to put them.  I can put them in my 55 gallon tank, but it has a noisy gurgling overflow box problem that I want to fix first, especially seeing as my visiting family would be sleeping within hearing range of the tank.  I don't want to put the butterflies in the 75 gallon tank with Clover and Callisto because I want to keep them separate for feeding schedule reasons.  I suppose I can just put them in the 75 gallon tank for now, and use a floating colander to feed them apart from the ryukins, until after Christmas when I can get their 55 gallon tank set up.  That's probably what I'll end up doing. 


  1. Hi Solid Gold! I <3 your blog! I'm wondering if you would look at my blog post
    and tell me what you think of the food choices that are on there and if they are all safe for a goldfish to consume? Thank you for your time!

    1. Hello and thank you!

      I checked out the list on your blog. A few I really like on the list are bloodworms (great for goldfish!), romaine lettuce, and spinach. Greens like lettuce and spinach are good for goldfish, and spinach is actually more effective in helping them out with digestive issues than green peas are. I think fruits are a little too sugary and should only be given sparingly as a treat. The other things on the list I think are simply unnecessary, to be honest. It's best to think about what sort of foods a carp fish would be eating in the wild and try to emulate that. That's why I like the Repashy Soilent Green gel food so much!