Thursday, September 19, 2013

Yujin Goldfish Gashapon Collection

Several months ago I discovered these goldfish gashapons and began collecting them!  Gashapons are Japanese capsule toys dispensed from coin operated machines similar to the ones seen at grocery stores in the United States.  The Japanese versions dispense higher quality toys that cost more and are often considered collector's items.  The word gashapon is a Japanese onomatopoeia made up of two sounds.  "Gasha" describes the sound of the crank turning on the coin operated machine, and "pon" is the sound of the toy dropping into the receptable.  I just love the goldfish set made by Yujin.  They make a wide variety of different goldfish types and they are extremely detailed and realistic!  Here are some photos of the ones in my collection (click on the image to enlarge).

Black Telescope Eye

White Bubble Eye

Red Celestial Eye

Red Telescope

Red Willow (single tail telescope)


Albino Ryukin

Panda Telescope Eye

Black Ranchu

Calico Jikin

Calico Ranchu

Calico Shukin

Calico Telescope

Red and White Comet

Red Pearlscale

Red Cap Oranda

Red and White Celestial Eye



All of the above!


  1. These are so fun to collect. I got mine through ebay Maddy. Gachapon are toys in capsules obtained from a vending machine, so I imagine an actual supplier would be hard to find.