Tuesday, December 3, 2013

New Culling Nets

For my first spawn of ghost bristol fry, I've been making do with a regular aquarium net; the dark green kind with the large bag-type net.  But it doesn't work so well for fry because they can easily get lost in all that netting!  I had to fold the netting up and hold it in a flattened shape with rubber bands so it became more like a flat mesh scooper than a net.  But that wasn't a very good solution because the fish would sometimes get trapped in-between the rubber band and the net.  Also, the fry can see the net coming since it's such a dark green color, and swim away quickly.  It makes the whole ordeal of netting more stressful for the fish than it needs to be.

In Japan and China you can pretty easily find culling nets for goldfish that are round, made from a very fine mesh, and have a shallow net which is more like a spoon than a large cumbersome bag.  These are so nice, but oftentimes difficult to find in the United States.  Which is why I was so excited to happen upon a member of Goldfish Keepers selling culling nets that were imported from China, and I snapped up three of each size!  These are so much better.  The fry never see the net coming, so netting is much easier and more stress-free.  It's also safer because they are made from fine mesh (no snagging or tearing fins) and it's a scoop-type net shape rather than a bag-type, so they can't get lost in all the excess netting.  I'm a happy fish-keeper today.  :)

This is where I got them if anyone else is interested.


  1. Nice little nets. I really love and respect the way you go all out to do what you think is best for your fish.