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Come check out what’s new in my fish room!  My second batch of ghost bristol fry are growing nicely and my butterflies finally spawned.  This gives me the chance try my hand at raising and grooming butterflies from an early age to bring out their best potential.  

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Callisto is Declining
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New Culling Nets
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One thought on “Fish Room Update | Tank Talk

  1. GoldfishGirl13

    Hi Jeannie it’s Camille!I’m the girl who sent you the letter with the lionhead photo you have in your background!Just wanted to say you’re doing a great job on your videos and that to keep it up.Also I have a question: Do you know if lionheads or ranchus are good tankmates for butterfly telescopes?

  2. GoldfishGirl13

    P.S. Thanks for framing my picture!I was thrilled to see it there…I was like \x26quot;Wait a minute…is that mine?” Write me back if you can.(Use the return the return address on the envelope)
    -Camille L.

  3. Jennie

    Hi Camille, I’m glad you noticed your lionhead drawing in my video!I really love it, thank you so much for sending it!I also just sent you a reply by mail, so watch for that.You can keep lionheads or ranchu with butterflies if you are diligent about making sure the butterflies still get their fair share of food.


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