Where’s Edgar?!

Edgar, a male butterfly telescope I bred about a year ago.

As many of you noticed in my video from last week in which I showed you around my fish room (click here if you missed that video → Impromptu Fish Room Tour) Edgar is no longer in my 75 gallon tank.

Edgar all boxed up and ready for his journey!

I decided that I needed to make more space in my 75 gallon tank, which was getting a bit crowded.  I also want to focus in on only fish that I’m interested in breeding in the future, and after evaluating all my fish, I decided Edgar wasn’t a good candidate for that.  So I sent him on a trip to live with my friend Nicole in New York!  Watch the video below to see him being all boxed up.  Near the end you’ll also get to see Nicole’s unboxing footage to see how he fared in his long journey.

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One thought on “Where’s Edgar?!

  1. Gunmetal Glitter

    Hi Jennie! I was wondering if you could tell us what made you choose not to breed Edgar in regards to his qualities and characteristics? If possible, could you give an example of a fish you own that does not have the undesireable qualities you found in him? Just looking to better understand the standards of the breed.

  2. Cindy Huynh

    I am heading home to see family in California and I would like to get some fish from out there. There is not too many choices here in Ohio. I would like to know a little bit more about shipping fish. Is there an tips? anything special that I need?


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