Goldfish Basics

General Info
How To Set Up a Goldfish Tank (video)
A comprehensive guide that tells you everything you need to know about setting up the perfect home for your fish!

Goldfish 101 (blog post)
Ever wish that the most essential basic information was all compiled in one, concise document?  Well now it is!  This blog post gives a quick snapshot of the most basic goldfish keeping requirements and essential information.

Goldfish External Anatomy  (blog post with photo & video)
A complete diagram showing all external features of goldfish.

Goldfish Internal Anatomy (blog post with photo & video)
A complete diagram showing all internal features of goldfish.

Goldfish Varieties & Standards (blog post with photos)
This blog post provides an overview of many of the most common goldfish types; from comets to bubble eyes.

Why NOT To Keep Goldfish in Bowls (video)
The reasons not to keep goldfish in bowls are endless… this video explains a few of the most important ones.  Please feel free to share this video to help spread awareness about the cruelty of fish bowls.

The Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle (video)
What do people mean when they ask, “Is your tank cycled?”?  Find out with this fun, illustrated video!

How To Test Your Aquarium Water (video)
Testing your water is one of the most basic and necessary things you’ll be doing regularly as a goldfish keeper.  Making sure your water parameters are always pristine is the best way to keep your goldfish healthy.

Goldfish Stocking Guidelines (video)
Goldfish are beautiful, so of course we all want to have as many as we possibly can!  But first, let’s consider what is best for these beautiful fish, and how much space they need to really thrive in our care.

The Goldfish Digestive System (blog post)
Do goldfish really have no stomach?  Find out in this blog post!  You’ll learn lots of interesting things about goldfish, and most of these things have very important implications for what and how we feed our fish.

Goldfish Have Teeth! (blog post with video)
Did you know goldfish have teeth?  It’s true!  Also, goldfish teeth and shark teeth have something in common… click the link to find out what it is!

How To Move with Your Goldfish (video)
Moving to a new house or apartment, and stressed about how to move your fish?  This video should be very helpful for you.

Aquarium Record-Keeping (video)
It’s very important to keep good records of water parameters, water changes, and medications added to your tank.  Many times, this information comes in handy later on, so it’s good to have all of it in one well-organized spot!

Medications and Treatments 
Goldfish First-Aid Kit (blog post)
A thorough list of basic things that are handy to have in case you need them.

A Guide to Quarantine Procedures (blog post with videos)
This blog post thoroughly explains the need for quarantining newly-acquired goldfish, and gives step-by-step instructions about how to set up the quarantine tank, how to maintain the quarantine tank, and how to add medications to the quarantine tank.  Videos are included to help illustrate the points.

How To Treat for Flukes with Aqua-Prazi (video)
Treating your goldfish for flukes is necessary for almost every newly-acquired fish, and should also be done routinely (every year or so) on fish in your established tanks too.  This video explains why and how!

Hydrogen Peroxide Swab for Minor Injuries (video)
If your goldfish has a minor bump or scrape, sometimes a quick hydrogen peroxide swab can be just what he needs to heal up quickly and nicely!  This detailed video explains how.

How To Use Crushed Coral to Avoid a pH Crash (video)
Many people have tap water with a low buffering capacity (low KH) and this makes the pH of their water slip into the acidic range over time.  This is very dangerous for goldfish, who need a pH of 7.0 or higher.  An easy solution that works in most cases is to add some crushed coral to either the substrate, or the aquarium’s filter.  This video shows you how!

Fish Lice Parasite (blog post with video)
The fish louse is one of the few parasites afflicting goldfish that can be seen with the naked eye.  They are equal parts fascinating and creepy.  Find out how to identify and treat for them here.

How To Weigh Your Goldfish (video)
It may seem like an odd thing to do, but weighing your goldfish is actually extremely important when it becomes necessary to feed them medicated foods.  The medicated food only works properly if the goldfish is getting enough of the medication into its system, and to know how much is enough, you’ll need to weigh your fish.

How To Sterilize Aquarium Equipment (video)
After quarantine for a sick (or new) fish is over, you will need to sterilize your quarantine equipment for later use.  In this video, I explain how I sterilize fish stuff, using household bleach.  Simple and effective!

Baytril Antibiotic Injection (video)
In this video, I explain and demonstrate how to give an injection to a goldfish.  Please note, you should not attempt this without first being instructed by a licensed veterinarian.  I am not a vet.

How to Feed Goldfish Properly (video)
There is a plethora of goldfish foods to choose from, so how do you know what is best for your finned friends?  This video explains it all!

Repashy Soilent Green Gel Food (video)  
Allen Repashy’s gel foods, Soilent Green in particular, are great staple food choices for goldfish.  The premixed gel food is easy to make, contains great ingredients, and goldfish love it!  What more could you possibly ask for?

How To Prepare Spinach for Your Goldfish (video)
Spinach is a great addition to a staple goldfish food, and most goldfish just love it!  Get some tips on how to prepare and feed it with this fun video.

How to Sex a Goldfish (blog post with video)
This post explains different methods to tell whether your goldfish is a male or female.

Goldfish Breeding Tubercles (blog post with video)
Did you ever wonder what those little white spots were on your fish’s pectoral fins and gill covers?  Don’t be alarmed, this is not the ich parasite, though it is often confused with it!  The white spots on the pectoral fins and gill covers of male goldfish are perfectly normal.  Find out what their purpose is in this blog post.

DIY Spawning Mops (blog post with video)
This blog post contains detailed photo and video tutorials showing how to make your own spawning mops.  Goldfish lay their eggs on these because they resemble live plants.  Once the eggs are laid, you can easily remove the spawning mop to a fry grow-out tank.

DIY Brine Shrimp Hatchery (blog post with video)
The best food for goldfish fry is live baby brine shrimp.  This blog post contains detailed photo and video tutorials to help you easily build your own and start feeding your goldfish fry right away!

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